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Series #2

The MoonSports series is a brand of iPhone Apps that shimozato.net plays an active part in sports scene.

[About application]
The screen of iPhone and iPod touch becomes the Calculator of the gateball.
(Timer and Scoring Apps for gateball.)

Countdown mode of 30, 25, 20 and 15 minutes.
Others countdown mode of 10, 5minutes and 3 minutes.
Ten seconds countdown mode of gateball.

Please do the score calculation while playing a game touching the screen
of the iPhone and iPod touch.


The main operation
(score input)
The athlete area is pushed.
0-1-2-3-5 is repeated according to the rule of the gateball.

(integrated score display)
The score of the total of the team is displayed on the "TOTAL" screen.

(Out ball processing)
"OUT" The button is pushed.
Out ball athlete's area is pushed.

(timer count for ten seconds)
"TIME 10" of the screen or "OUT 00" is pushed.

(setting at game time)
"Clock mark" button is pushed.

(reset of operation)
"RESET" The button is pushed.
All set content is cleared.
After the game ends, this button is pushed without fail.

(timer measurement of game time)
The display part of "START @@:00" is pushed.
The countdown begins.
The button function has something that becomes invalid when beginning to play a game.
The "RESET" button is pushed within ten seconds when the mistake is found in the operation.

(INFO button)

When it touches this button, the explanation of the application can be confirmed.
Moreover, this mode doesn't operate while playing a game though the Web support page of the application can be inspected.
Automatic sleep mode doesn't operate while measuring the game time. Please note the consumption of the battery enough.
When the measurement of the game time ends, the automatic sleep mode becomes effective.

If the application is started, the home button is positioned on the left side. This is fixation.
As for this, it thought about the operation of the volume adjustment when iPhone was installed in the arm.
Therefore, the rotation around the screen with the sensor with built-in the main body is not done.

It is necessary before the necessity that becomes accustomed enough to the operation of this application does an actual game.

Sport armband with a silicone case for iPhone /iPod.
(Photo: simplism)

GameScore's SE: maoudamashii

GameScore V1.0.2 Operation manual
・http://shimozato.net 2010 9.11

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